​Our Firm
 Design is a process of arriving at an understanding of your client's desires, dreams, functional requirements,   and limitations or constraints. Once understood, the architect must apply experience, imagination, and   problem-solving to arrive at creative, functional and attractive environmental solutions. Mercer Architecture   Inc. excels at listening, probing, and analyzing issues to formulate a program of action. Their Wide range of   experience in both project types and years of practice lead to effective and efficient use of time and expense   in the creative design process. The client benefits in terms of satisfaction for themselves, their organization,   and their customers and employees.

Architectural Services
 Mercer Architecture Inc. is available for any type of design project, and specializes in architectural projects in   the Piedmont of North Carolina. Firm principal, Gregory Van Mercer, AIA is a second generation licensed   Architect with over three decades of experience in North Carolina.

 Mercer Architecture Inc. was founded in 1997 as successor to the High Point architectural firm Allred and   Mercer, PC, which had practiced in the Piedmont Triad area for over 30 years. In 2003, Architect Michael Tye   joined the firm and the name was changed to Mercer + Tye Architecture. In 2004, Mr. Tye retired from practice   and the firm returned to the name of Mercer Architecture Inc.

Our Team
 Mercer Architecture Inc. employs a staff of five, including the firm principal, Gregory Van Mercer, AIA. The   firm's support staff consists of two Project Architects, two CAD Technicians and one Clerical support person.

Gregory Van Mercer, AIA - Senior Project Architect
​Marty Snyder, AIA - Project Architect
Jon Slaney - CAD Manager
Gary Mize - CAD Technician
Dianne Peeler - Clerical

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